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The Beach of Flowers - Demo Reel

The plot of my first Demo Reel is about a futuristic and post apocalyptic version of the city of Vancouver in the first years of the XXIII century. In a refugee camp located outside the limits of Vancouver, in an area that once was a beach fueled by water, a young girl has to confront something that she had never faced before.

The main inspirations for the story behind this project was the Brazilian short documentary "The Isle of Flowers" made by Jorge Furtado. In relation to the visual of the Demo Reel, the movies that served as a reference were: Star Wars, Blade Runner and The Matrix. 

This project took me six months to be completed, since the conceptual development of the characters, props and environments to the final renders, lighting and comp. The Software required to do it were Maya, Mudbox, Z-Brush, Nuke and Photoshop. Everything was done during my stay at VFS - Vancouver Film School).

You can also check my Demo Reel in Vimeo:

‚ÄčLeon Fabbri

3D/ Concept Artist